You don’t need thousands of dollars to create a comfortable home. I like it.
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People tell me I post too much about my boyfriend.

I think those people are assholes who hate to see others happy and would rather me be quiet about my relationship because theirs sucks…..

But who am I.

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Apparently, My cat done called a party to my porch. What is life. I want them both.
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Look at my little while girl. (,: I’m so proud. ♡
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I’m very protective of American black music



Because that shit was born out of a tremendous amount of struggle.

Black people poured their souls into that music so white people making music in genres we created who take that shit for granted can kiss my entire black ass. I will not support your racket.

Bringing this back for the spectators

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In the jungle the mighty jungle.
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  • fun first date ideas: overthrow ur government w/ the bae

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Greek court acquits farmers who shot 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers


A Greek court’s decision to acquit local farmers who admitted shooting 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers when they dared to ask for months of back pay has sparked outrage in the country.

Politicians, unionists and anti-racist groups roundly condemned the verdict describing it as a black mark for justice in a case that had shone a light on the appalling conditions in which migrant workers are often kept in Greece.

"I feel shame as a Greek," said the victim’s lawyer, Moisis Karabeyidis, after the tribunal in the western port city of Patras, delivered the shock ruling. "This decision is an outrage and a disgrace … the court showed an appalling attitude toward the victims."

Scores of migrants, many sobbing in disbelief, protested outside the court house after magistrates allowed two of the men, including the owner of the farm who had been accused of human trafficking, to walk free.

The Bangladeshis were shot at in April last year when they demanded to be remunerated for six months of unpaid work at a farm in Manolada in the southern Peloponnese. Four of the strawberry pickers were badly injured in the attack.

At a time of unrivalled crisis in Greece, where living standards have deteriorated dramatically after six straight years of recession, the case had triggered widespread indignation.

Media investigations showed the migrants to be working in subhuman conditions without access to proper hygiene or basic sanitation.

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you are acute coffee pie

you are narrow, scalding and irrational

you are skinny, hot and delicious

You are small, but strong, and infinite

i saw this on the lighthouse
One of the best feelings.