when u boutta prove a bitch how wrong they are


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$20 for a selfie with me

but I can go to the dumpster for free


this couldn’t get any better

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Don’t ever fucking try to tell me that white people aren’t targeted and discriminated against for the color of their skin. Don’t ever try to fucking say that ANYONE has never been discriminated against. If you want fucking justice, then ACT on that justice.

This headline is the deformed offspring of lies, bad reporting, and a Getty Image from 2012 taken after a man was beaten by police at the Occupy Wall Street protests.
The article cites no sources and reads like a Facebook Aunt telling a story they heard from their son’s buddy Taylor, most likely because it’s a poorly-paraphrased version of this also false article that calls itself ”White Man Cold-Cocked By Vicious Ferguson Mob In Blatant Racist Attack.” Money quote from the article:

“Most recently, a man was simply standing outside of a St. Louis McDonald’s where he was surrounded by a group of black man who punched the man in the face for no reason whatsoever. Seemingly unprovoked, the group intentionally targeted this man for nothing more than his skin color in a backwards attempt at justice for Mike Brown.”

Ah, yes, the classic “for no reason whatsoever” immediately followed by “for nothing more than his skin color in a backwards attempt at justice for Mike Brown” trick. That old reporting chestnut.
Anyway. The tale of an entire mob attacking this man was
followed up by showing these tweets, where the story originated:

This is all from the same article, mind you. There’s a paragraph describing a mob of black men attacking this white guy, and then they show the actual source describing a single black man punching the guy in the face once. Also? The Knockout Game doesn’t exist.
ALSO also?

So really, “Black Man Punches White Man In Face, Other Black Men Try To Apprehend Black Man Who Punched White Man In Face,” because Ferguson’s hero-to-asshole ratio is actually through the fucking roof.
And yet…

Anyway. It sucks that the guy got punched a couple weeks ago, but if you’re going to lie about it, try being just so much better at lying.

Cracked shouldn’t be the “journalists” catching this kind of thing. If you read something that sounds outrageous but tickles that part of your brain that wants it to be true, there’s a good chance it’s made up specifically to do that tickling. Take twenty minutes to research it before sharing or you sound like an idiot.

We can de-bullshit you on this kind of stuff but honestly it’s getting exhausting.

Not to be all SJW-y here, but this piece of news is false, people. - The Scandinavian one

Y’all want to be oppressed so bad y’all making up oppression for yourselves rofl 

Sooo fucking bad. Lol
I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect. foreverrwanderlust (via perfect)

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I can’t do weak

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When I fall into your super love
Yeah my heart never wants it to stop, please save me
Cause I never seem to get enough, you’re the bullet and you’re making me drop
Please save me
Give me all of your super love, ‘cause my body is a ghost for you, I’m waiting
Die here in your arms falling in love with you
#CharliXCX #Superlove
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A work in progress. *yes I still sleep on Scooby-Doo sheets.*
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Pretty sure this movie on netflix is softcore….

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Seriously, guys.

I post a lot about my boyfriend because I m extremely blessed to have someone like him in my life.

He’s kind, gentle, patient, strong, and extremely supportive. I have never in my life felt more secure than how I feel knowing that he’s by my side whenever I need it. I’ve never had anyone in my corner and, MAN, does it feel good.

Brooks is the kind of gentleman that, if my dad were around, would be the perfect guy in a father’s eyes. I have to thank God every day that Brooks is in my life. He’s not perfect but, oh my God, he’s literally perfect for me.

Thanks, babe, for being my rock and being so patient and being a teacher and a friend and everything else I need here on the ground. I love you, Brooks. ♡

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My two favorite guys ♡♡ #milso #milsis #proud #milfam #support
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